Top Rated Kannada Fonts

Below is the list of Top Rated Kannada Fonts which have been rated and preferred by most of our users. These fonts have been rated the highest amongst other thousands of Kannada Fonts, because of their useability, scalability and calligraphic designs. These Fonts in Kannada Language are useful for Professionals, Artistics, Calligraphic crazies and Designers. Students and teachers can use these fonts for their Kannada Social Case studies and designs in Kannada Language.

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Depending on where exactly you are in Karnataka, you might overhear a different variant of this Kannada language. There are significant southern, northern, and coastal differences, not to mention social and class-based ones. Kannada also has something called diglossia: a feature in which there are multiple variants of a language in the same community. It is also spoken in the neighboring states of Andhra Prades h, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. It is estimated that worldwide it is spoken by upwards of 44 million people, considering the secondary users. Despite the possible changes in the spoken Kannada Language, the writing and calligraphy of this awesome language remains the same. Kannada Fonts, intends to offer free fonts to all the Kannada Language users for personal and official purposes. Explore pages and use Advanced Search tool to find the right Kannada Font for your use.